Whether A Headphone Or An Earphone, Now We Know It All


Life these days have become quite a gadget base done. Almost all of us are always attached to our smartphones. Our tendency of heavy interaction with the virtual world of social media seems like a never ending loop. It keeps us absolutely engaged into our own devices. However, besides social media and other uses of our device we can carry our favourite music with us in our respective smartphones. Music is desired by almost everyone. There are people with brilliant collection of music. So, they can, rather we all can stay connected to good music throughout the day. So that we can enjoy them anytime we want to. The chord that we use to listen to the music on our phone is called either an earphone or a headphone depending upon different types of specifications as described below.


It is really at difficult times when you actually have to select a headphone or an earphone on the basis of the specifications given in its details with the picture of the object. At there very point of time you cannot access any kind of customer reviews or even worse, they are not available at all. The vivid units and unintelligible technical terms makes it a really tough job for person to select the headphone or the earphone. We here will supply you with basic set is knowledge by which you can yourself judge and compare the perfect your phone or headphone suitable for you. In this way you can actually find the best ones in market.

At first we will start with the topic Headphones.In which the first name that tops the list is the

On Ear Headphone

This one has the ear cups placed on top of the ear like a cushion. This type airphone is generally comfortable and lightweight it can be easily carried.

However there are ones which have tight grip on your ears around your head. These can actually harm the outer pinna of your ears and cause severe pain after a long term of use even a long stretch of use in a day can cause immense pain at your ears. It is thus harmful for elongated use.

The next type of headphone is namely

Over Ear Headphone.

This type of headphones not only sits on top of our ears but covers the whole ear. Thus it has its name as over-ear headphone.

This headphone does not allow much alien sound to come through and interept the music that you are playing. This results in peace and isolation of the listener. This allows you added comfort for an elongated use. This headphone is again divided into two other types:

  •  Open back – These are the ones with the outer side or back portion of the ear cup being open resulting into causing disturbance in your listening as it allows different sound to penetrate through it and reach your ears. However most of the people from music media prefers this one due to the natural sound it allows you to be in.


  • Closed back – These will not let any any noise or alien sounds from the outside penetrate through the system. Even the quality of the listening improves in this case. It gives you better sound and a better bass the whole music comes in a compact form which virtually transports you to a different phase, wherever you want to be with that specific music.





This is the most popular one and is known to the mass. These are earplugs attached to a cord. This allows the person a good sound clarification with an obvious effect out outside noise.

Now, we may find the signification called ‘Frequency Range‘.

This means the unit of frequency range that a specific earphone or headphone can play. We human have our hearing frequency range dangling between 20Hz to 20KHz. We might find earphones with their frequency ranging in the between 12Hz-22Hz. These are best for music with bass as its powerhouse. Another type of earphones have the frequency ranging within18KHz-22KHz. These are the best ones to enjoy the trebles.

The next signification is known as ‘Frequency Response‘. This allows the customers to know about what variation of music will theu get on the basis of the frequency range of their earphone.

The third significance that we are going to talk about is called ‘Driver Side.’ The size of the driver of an earphone or headphone can actually give you varied quality of sounds. The simple rule that is applied over here is the bigger the driver of the earphone or headphone becomes the better becomes its sound. The driver with size of 40mm or more are supposedly the ones now. The smaller ones vary from 8-12mm. Some earphones are also available in the market with multiple drivers for different types of frequencies and specific necessities.

The next thing that is listed in our chart of significants is ‘Impedance’ or Resistence. This specific resistance is actually the power which stops the electricity to flow into the ears. This resistence is measured in ohms and one with more ohms are more safe for our use. The high quality ones need special amplifier to be used at.

The next signification is Total Harmonic Distortion. When we increase the sound of our device while listening to our headphone it starts getting distorted. The higher the quality of the headphone is the lower the rate of this distortion becomes.

Again, the next signification is Sensitivity or Sound Pressure Level (SPL). The ones with a bigger unit of SPL is louder than the ones with lower units attached to them.

The final signification by which one earphone can be distinguished from another one is its capability of Noise Cancellation.

So, here are a few information to our fellow listeners for a good and independent earphone/headphone buying experience.


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