Why iPhone 7 needs lesser RAM than Android.

Why iPhone 7 needs lesser RAM than Android.

Many users using iPhone feel prestigious due to the brand value and quality standards which Apple maintains every time.

Whenever you buy the new smartphone, the main important spec which you’re going look is RAM, as because more memory the more your phone runs smoothly.

iOS VS Android

But when you compare iPhone with Android. iOS devices equipped with lesser RAM. If you look previous generations iPhone’s you will notice RAM memory of 512 MB, 1 GB and 2 GB. The latest generation iPhone that is iPhone 7 plus comes with 3 GB of RAM. Even when you compare this spec with any Android flagship mobile, the RAM installed in it can be more than 5 GB.

You may wonder how can iPhone runs smoothly even with lesser RAM than Android. Here I will give you an outlook how does this work.

RAM Function.

Initially, total memory of RAM is not allotted for usage, instead, some amount of RAM is used up for the operating system. If your phone is having 2 GB of RAM it only shows up 1.2 GB RAM free which is used to run other applications. This is also called free RAM.

If you have some tech-related knowledge, you will understand this concept in a better way.

The basic function of RAM in smartphones is to store app data which allows you to open applications quickly, more you open the applications, the more you open series of application the more it consumes memory.

So here I will explain you with the simple example. You have 1GB of RAM in that you have opened Facebook, WhatsApp and 2 high-end graphical games. Till then 1 GB will be consumed totally. To open a new application it requires some more memory. In that case, your phone kills the previously opened application and it allows the new application in place of that.

Function of RAM in Computers

The scenario will be different in the case of a computer. Whenever you open a program, the program data will be Write back in the Hard Disk. Even you open the same program it reloads fastly. We call this process as Flashing or swapping.

In Smartphones( Android, iOS )

In smartphones, whole process needs to be done by RAM itself like killing applications, reloading and reinstalling and many other functions.

The process actually involves in RAM processing is, when the RAM memory is full with previously opened applications. To make up new space for newly opened applications, RAM memory does not kill the previously opened application totally, instead, it compresses to make extra space for the newly opened application. When the compression limit had exceeded, then RAM memory chooses to kill the application. This is even called as compression swap.

How it works for iOS devices.

Even the process goes same for iOS devices. But the difference lies in compression swap. If you take iOS device of 2 GB RAM and the same spec on Android. Put those two devices on test in RAM management. iOS outperforms than Android undoubtedly. As I said the difference is in compression of application. Compression swap in iOS is far better than Android. In iOS devices, you can load more applications compared to Android. Therefore iOS devices do not require more RAM to run application smoothly but Android do need it.



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