Why MacBook Air is not a good choice to buy(P. Experience)

Why MacBook Air is not a good choice to buy

In this, I am going to share my experience of my MacBook Air. I hope this will help you think twice before you purchase.

My MacBook Air Specifications. 

  • MacBook Air ( 13 Inch, Early 2015)
  • 128 GB SSD
  • 1.6 Ghz Dual core, Intel Core i5( Turbo Boost up to  2.7GHz
  • 4 GB RAM.

Key points which triggered me to buy it.

  • Design

  1. Slim
  2. Light in weight(1.43 Kg)
  3. Aluminium body and tough body.
  • Operating System

  1.  Virus Free
  2. Safer than Windows.
  3. Quick updates with more features.
  4. Different format.
  • Speed

  1.  Booting up doesn’t take much time.
  2. Doesn’t lag even with many applications running.
  • Display

  1. The attractive part, it is Backlit LED of Apple Logo.
  2. It support for million of colours.
  3. Placements of applications are unique which enables to access easily.
  4. High Graphical Animations effects.
  • Battery

  1.  According to my observation and analysis. On WiFi, it lasts for 9 – 10 hrs(Browsing information.)
  2.  On Video Playback it lasts up to 6-7 hrs. ( YouTube, Movies)
  3. It takes 1hr 30min to 2hr to charge from 0 to 100%, which is really great.

My usage

  1. I use it for posting articles. ( WordPress)
  2. Watching movies on YouTube.
  3. Powerpoint presentations.
  4. Daily my usage would be 4 to 5 hrs( Not continuously)

Tragedy happened. 

I had purchased MacBook Air on 15-April-2015. While using, I did not experience any lag, sudden restart, overheating issue since 2 years. No water spell and not even exposed to moisture(Direct contact with Air Conditioning.)

One day(1-June-2017), I switched on my MBA(MacBook Air). Booted up as normal but after few seconds the screen went off and it did not start again.

I searched what to do when MBA doesn’t turn on. I got some tricks, but nothing worked out for me.

Link:  Things to do if your MacBook doesn’t turn on. 

When it happened, I  wasn’t expecting this would be a major problem.Very next day, I had taken to nearest Apple store. They kept it for one day and finally they concluded I have a problem with my Logic Board. I was in shock for 5-10 Min. They have suggested me to replace Logic Board which costs around 40,000 INR.

What have I done next?

I requested the guy to identify the fault in the logic board. He replied power is not entering into the logic board. We cannot predict the exact cause.

I even insisted them to check it thoroughly and also try different checks.

They had installed logic board from another working MacBook into mine and it’s working fine. They had installed my logic board into another MBA and the results were negative.

Even he told, he is having 2 MBA with logic board problem, but they are under warranty.

They had provided me Apple Toll-Free number(0008001009009) to complain that this may be the manufacturing defect.

I have called Toll free number and described my problem. But the final conclusion from them was ” Your device is out of warranty in this case you need to pay extra money to replace it.”

Next, I forced the Apple support person that I need to know the reason behind the failure of my logic board. After a while, Apple senior officer called me back.

He told the same, ” Sir the device is out of warranty, so there is no other option to get any free replacements and also said identifing the cause of failure is very difficult.”

Click Here to know the customer complaints and problems about MacBook Air MLB(Main Logic Board)

Let’s consider.

Causes of Logic Board failure. 

  • Heat ( I don’t play any games or any over usage. I never seen my MacBook crosing room temperature.)
  • Over VoltageI use Belkin Surge protector to charge my MacBook Air. It grouds the over voltage and delivers steady voltage)
  • Physical Damage(  No chance. I did not even open my MacBook on my own.)

Mentioned points are the top causes for failure of logic board in any laptop. Those 3 cases are negative in my Macbook Air. No Adapter problem and No battery problem even.  How it had failed?  Still I have no answer for this.

What I insist

  • Though it adds some extra money. Prefer only MacBook Pro. 
  • Do not play high graphical games.
  • Give for internal cleaning once in 6 months.

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