Few latest Windows 10 update features all you need to know


Windows 10 Anniversary update , an update to the operating system celebrating one year since its initial release in 2015. By this update we will be able to get some bunch of new productive features this fall. These updates are mainly a part of windows 10 Anniversary update. Even you can get some extra features , which will be helpful for many users as well.

It claims , the update is not yet available for users till now , as they are working on it. The update will be available for users using windows 10. Still , you are not sure about it just have a glance for update notification on windows update utility on your PC. Microsoft also claimed that , it will be available for users until November.


Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft , you can do a lot of thing with this assistant like you can set reminders for times , places and people , use natural language search , Identify a song , perform calculations and coversions, check weather , get directions , set alarms , launch programs , send E-mail etc. New in windows 10 Anniversary update is the ability to access Cortana straight from the lock screen , with no need to unlock your PC first. You can activate the digital assistant by clicking a circular icon on the lock screen or using voice commands if you set the app to always listening mode.


On a side of disadvantage, users should be careful while using this feature because , if your computer is misplaced , unauthorised users can access your data.

Messages right on your desktop

Windows 10 update includes , the messages which are received to your phone , you can view it right on your desktop computer. It will be helpful , when you are not in a situation to use your phone whereas you are at serious work or in office. To make it possible , you need to install Cortana on your Android smartphone , soon after installation you will start receiving incoming texts and other notifications in pop-up boxes on your desktop. After dismissing, you can only reply to latest messages of the respective thread.

Some other updates

Dark mode

  • It gives less strain to your eyes , it can increase your battery life even. To enable it , head to settings>personalisation>colours>Dark mode.


  • If you have connected many audio devices , now you can swap between connected audio devices. Click on the speaker symbol in your taskbar and you can access a menu of all available devices.


  • You can manage apps across multiple desktops now got easier. You can now right-click on any app and get the window to appear across every virtual desktop.


  • Now , Microsoft Edge finally gets support for browser extension. Click on the three-dots in the top right-hand corner of the window to manage installed extension, or grab new ones from the window store.


  • Stop Microsoft randomly springing updates on your home with Active hours. Head to update and security>windows update>, tap on change active hours and set the times when it would be convenient.

Sticky Notes

  • Quickly jot down an idea or a reminder on the resigned sticky notes , which can be accessed via the windows Ink menu-under the pen icon in the taskbar-or with a tap on the eraser button of your stylus.

Start menu

  • Live tiles are much smarter in Windows 10 update. When you click on an app title , you will now be taken to the content displayed in the preview-it won’t just open the app , like in previous version.