Write articles and earn money in India without having website


Want to earn from Writing ? Don’t want to invest any money ? Don’t have any website or blog to write ?. If you’re in this category then this article is for you. 

Here I am not going to say regarding fiverr or any other services it’s a different thing which are beneficial for beginners and advanced persons also. 

Many people who are doing their job may have good writing skills and they don’t find much time to create fiverr account and keep in touch with their clients. 

Moroever we need to submit articles on time which can be a hectic task for us. But here which I am going to say , in this you can work on your own and can earn decent amount from this. 

Waiting to know about it ? Ok Ok !  

Here I will explain how to create account and how to write articles to get approved for sure and earn decent amount of money from it. 

1) First you need to Go Here.

write articles and earn money in india

Here you can see you don’t have any email address to create account. But instead you need to enter your working mobile number and need to enter OTP along with new password. After that you need to click SIGN UP. I guess it’s a smart way of marketing by taking phone numbers during Sign up. 

2) Need to fill up all the personal details. 

Personal details

So here in WeMedia name you need to enter your Nick name or any other name. It will act as your Media name. 

After filling up, you need to click SUBMIT

3) Account need to be verified. 

Account Verification Process

Here you can see that , you have completed creating account but you can see that Account status is pending. 

So, they will review your information and will mail you regarding approval. Maximum it takes 1 day time to get approval. 

4) After Approval you will get to see these options.

Main Interface

Here you will get various options like… Revenue , Stage , Grade , Followers and many more. I will explain step by step process here. 

1) How to Publish Articles ?

At top menu bar you will find Publish , from there you need select ” Articles “.

Publish Articles

When you click on Articles , the above shown image type of window will be opened. In this you can write your article on your interest. You have lots of options like ” Adding Image , Bold letters , Lists etc “. 

Even here you can schedule your publish posts and can also claim if you’re writing original content. 

2) What is Primary and advanced in WeMedia ?

So , if you’re a new user and did not post any articles you come under primary category. Moreover in this you will get less amount compared to advanced. 

To get promoted to advance your account must be 2 weeks old and 3 articles per week must be get approved and in this level you will get more money comapred to primary. 

3) Participating in competitions

In WeMedia you will get competions on your homepage and when you select them you will get to know about the competion and you fall in the specific category you can participate and earn prizes. 

How to write Articles to get approved easily 

1) Picking up the topic

I am not elaborating much in this , but in short for picking the topic you need to do proper research. After you select the topic you need to consider what should be in it. 

You need to take down the whole points you’re going to write into that article. 

When you start wrtiting it should not be in one paragraph instead you need to complete paragraph in 3 to 4 lines that’s it. 

2) Grammer and spellings 

Mistakes can be common while writing articles and it’s a common practise that people like me use Grammerly for spelling correction instead of MS word. 

3) Plagarism or Original content 

To get approved your content must be unique and it should not be copied from other sites or else it will be shown in the plagiarism test. Before publishing, you need to check plagiarism here

This is pretty much which you need to follow to get easily approved.