Xiaomi bluetooth pocket speaker 2 one of the best affordable speaker


Xiaomi launched the latest new audio product in the Indian market as Xiaomi Bluetooth Pocket Speaker 2 with minimalist design. Its heights and widths are 3.6 inches vertical and 2.3 inches horizontally and in India, you will get this product with 6 months warranty.

It is available for sale in India with the cost of Rs.1499 in two color variants Black and White. Mi speaker is launched on June 21st on the occasion of World Music Day. It works with Bluetooth Connectivity and having 1200mAh battery and can charge the full battery within 3 hours and can withstand for 7 hours.


It has 1200 mAh Li-Polymer battery with the capacity of 3.7v under the hood and can be charged with power USB of 5v / 1A (5W) input and has the working temperature of between 10 degree Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius.

It can work with stand up to 7 hours with continuous music fully back. The Mi speaker two dimensions are 60x60x93.3mm, and the speaker has LED status indicator at front.

The speaker’s body is polycarbonate and ABS material and aluminum alloy for upper surface and has volume ring to adjust the volume of the speaker and made with anodized aluminum at the top.

What are the features of the Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker?

Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2 comes with advanced Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and 5-watt speaker. It has the built-in microphone which allows users to make calls and automatically gets paused on receiving calls. It will enable a wide range to cover up to 10 meters for connectivity of devices with Bluetooth.

The Mi speaker 2 battery can fully charge within 3 hours.

Sound Quality

You can get crystal sound effect and perfect bass and clear treble by Tymphany speaker and by using fabric net.

How to turn ON / Off the speaker

The Mi speaker 2 has to have an aluminum top which is having a concealed push button. Just press it for two seconds to turn it ON / Off.

How to Connect Mi speaker with Bluetooth

If you want to pair a new device, double press the concealed button to match.

Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker

How to change volume?

After pairing Bluetooth with your device, rotate the top of Mi speaker to adjust the volume.

Does Mi speaker 2 work with other Phones?

Mi speaker 2 can connect with any other devices which are having Bluetooth connectivity. It can connect with Smartphones, Normal phones having Bluetooth, iOS phones, Laptops, and Tabs.


It was too small, and its working is also good with the best audio quality. The speakers give premium sound feel and visual with smart quality even though it was very cheap when compared with other pocket speakers.

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