YouTube Ad Free. Know all the facts about YouTube new update


By title, you can see that YouTube is now available for Ad-free.

What is mean by YouTube Ad-free?

I know you may be confused that how YouTube can be Ad-Free. If that happens, what will be the situation of creators? As because the revenue is earned from Advertisements.

Worry nothing gonna happen in this way. Just stay tuned to know the facts properly.

Recently YouTube has introduced YouTube music which is the similar concept of other Music Apps like Saavan, Hungama etc.

Also, Read YouTube Music- A step-by-step guide to access FREE In this article you will get to know all the details regarding YouTube music and how to avail it for free.

You may get to see that we need to pay Rs. 99 to use YouTube Music. But don’t fall into that trick. You can use it for free. You will just get Ads and it is not playable when the window is closed.

YouTube Ad Free plan

So along with YouTube Music, you will get to see that YouTube Premium. So YouTube premium is nothing but to increase user-experience who want to get rid of Ads.

So what we need to do get rid of YouTube Ads.

Nothing much! It’s so simple. You need to purchase YouTube Premium. From there you will get all the premium products of YouTube which you can enjoy.

What are the Premium products we will get from YouTube Premium?

  • YouTube Music AD-Free
  • YouTube Ad-Free
  • YouTube Originals

As mentioned YouTube Music will be AD-Free and you can access all the features like.

YouTube ad free

  • Play the music in closing Window.
  • You won’t get any Ads while playing the music.

There’s no much any advanced features other than this.

Coming to YouTube you will get no Advertisements in a single video. Yes, that’s true you won’t get a single Advertisement.

Along with that, you will get extra features as well. The most exciting feature of YouTube Premium is that you can play YouTube videos offline.

Even you can watch YouTube Originals for free. YouTube Originals can be paid and it can be more for some videos as well. By this, you can get at a very low cost.

What are YouTube Originals?

In short, it is some of the original content from Google. Rember you won’t get any movies for free or any in-app purchases with YouTube Premium. On the other hand, you can get Google Play Music as well without any additional cost.

Do YouTube Premium worth the money?

Before that, we need to look over the services which we are going to get with YouTube premium. First, the useless part is YouTube Originals which is a massive failure from Google.

It is not worth of Rs 10 even. The YouTube Premium would be much more valuable if it would offer some free premium movies. But nothing gonna be like that. So in my case, YouTube Premium is not the worth of money.

However, YouTube Music can be for free as well. You will be getting the same songs and albums even with Free plan.

Will the YouTube Revenue will be affected?

YouTube viewers and users are huge. So if some part of people purchases YouTube Premium. Your revenue won’t get affected.

However many people won’t subscribe to this. Let’s say your videos are mostly seen by YouTube Premium members. I am guessing that you will get some portion of the amount as well. There’s no official news regarding this.