YouTube interesting tricks and Hacks


Generally, we use YouTube for browsing videos related to many categories. But apart from it, YouTube offers many interesting features which you are going to see.

1) Control YouTube ONLY with keyboard

When you’re really tired with lots of work, this trick will help you to operate YouTube directly only with the keyboard.

2) KeyBoard shortcuts

  • By Pressing letter K, it will stop your video.
  • Press letter will rewind the video for the 10sec interval.
  • Letterwill fast forward the video for the 10sec interval.
  • Press the letter M to mute the video.
  • Shift+N  will skip into the next video in the queue line.
  • Shift+P, you can go to the previous video which you had watched earlier. It doesn’t work if it is your first video.

3) Download YouTube videos.

To download YouTube videos add “ss” in the URL after www and before which appears as

4) Watch Age-Restricted videos.

To watch age-restricted videos, sign-in is required. But by this method, you can watch age-restricted videos without logging in.

All you have to do is remove “watch?” from the URL and replace it with ” v=” with “v/”.

5) Copy Video at a Current time.

While you’re watching the movie and you want to watch the remaining movie after some time from the point you stopped. For this, you need to just right click and select ” Copy video URL at current time.

6) Make GIF.

GIF stands for Graphic Interface Format. GIF is now used by most of the people for entertainment or to express the situation in a graphical format. Now it’s easy to create GIF through YouTube. Add gif after www and continued with

Some Cool interesting things  

  • Type in YouTube search bar ” do the harlem shake ” you will see YouTube page doing the harlem shake.

  • Type in YouTube ” use the force luke

  • Type ” doge mene ” you will get to see, change in YouTube font and even colour.