YouTube Music- A step-by-step guide to access FREE


For major competition and all the new products, India is becoming Hub for any new launch. The reason behind is the huge population and continuous growing of Internet Users.

So many competitors or services focus on India very much even for Low-Advertisement cost. Comparative to other countries India has low Ad cost. When you want to advertise some products in the USA, you need to pay five times the cost which is in India.

So any new product get’s easily spread in here and many gets profits as well. So we all know that since years Google has launched something new even it got entered into the smartphone market.

As same it has completely overtaken the Video industry, and now it is trying to capture the market in music as well.

What is YouTube Music?

To understand better let’s take some other service examples. It’s like Music service like Gaana, Hungama, Saavn. However, these services are widely used by us. Some may think about what makes YouTube Music better than these.

It’s easy for YouTube to rank better or to gain attention.

Reasons why YouTube Music can beat all other music Apps?

It even depends on people psychology because of every time if we want to watch and video we just open YouTube. At present we just get our Queries solved using YouTube.

This will be very easy for YouTube to capture the audience and to increase its market share. Moreover, people will be more likely to listen to music from YouTube as they are already watching videos on YouTube. This could be a slight advantage even for YouTube Music. ?

What Music can we get from YouTube Music?

However, it’s not an old generation of scenery. That keeping Music list very limited. You will get almost everything here FOR FREE. Not even single paisa will be charged for you to use YouTube Music.

You will get all varieties of Music in all languages. In addition to that, you can select Artist and customize your favorites songs according to your needs.

Like other music Apps, here you won’t be comprised for anything. Almost all features are available on YouTube Music.

How will YouTube Music look like when you open?

YouTube Music

When you open YouTube Music, you will get this window. Don’t worry. It’s free. When you press ” Try it Free.” The next window you will see is…

Here you can see you will have to select languages of the Music you would like to listen.

The list of languages you will be able to see here are:

  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Bengali
  • Marathi
  • Gujarati
  • Kannada
  • Bhojpuri
  • Malayalam
  • English

These are the languages available on YouTube Music. You can select even all the languages here, and you will get the artist according to the languages selected.

Moreover, you can select languages, or you can change languages whenever you want. Instead to try the better results…Try selecting all the languages.

From the above image, you can see that all the Artist photos along with names are mentioned above.

You will get those Artists depending on the languages you have selected. If you have selected all the languages, you will get all the rest photos and names from all languages.

Moreover, when you select any one artist, you will get another artist in suggestion related to the artist you have selected before.

It’s a very awesome feature. The algorithm is something similar to YouTube. If you like or watch some category videos and later you will get other videos under the category which you have watched earlier.

So similar to this you will have a better Music experience to get all your favorite songs in one place.

After selection of Artist, you will get all the list of Songs depending on your selection and some others even. Like, say… New Releases etc.

When you select an album and play the song, you will get the song with full clarity, and you will also get the option to Add to Library even.

What will be the Pricing for YouTube Music?

In short, it’s free… Then why we have seen Rs. 99 per month. Will they be any difference?

Absolutely No. You will get all features and in both versions. But the difference is Advertisements. When you purchase, you will get Advertisements and when you purchase you won’t get any Ads.

I hope all your doubts are clear regarding YouTube Music.